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Save Time and Money with a Cheap Stock Footage

There are a number of stock websites that sell royalty-free media, including photos and videos. When it comes to usage rights, you also have a lot of options. You can choose from rights-managed (RM) stock media, which is strictly for single use, to royalty-free collections that are non-exclusive multi-use. You can also purchase a stock footage uniquely created for your project at a higher price, but still less expensive than shooting your own.

If you are looking for cheap stock footage, you can purchase from Shutterstock, iStock and Pond5 among many other sources and use it as many time as you like without worrying about royalties. This way, you can access any footage that suits your creative needs anytime and anywhere. You will be able to leave a lasting impression on viewers without wasting time and money on shooting your own. More importantly, the final result will be as good as you want it to be.

A cheap stock footage is considered to be an enormous time and money saver. Many video creators today recognize its use in completing a creative project. When conducting your own photo shoot, there are a number of things you should do.


  • You need to put up a crew, including a director, sound guy and editor.
  • You need to spend time traveling – especially if your shoot location is far from your studio.
  • You need to secure your equipment.
  • You need to set aside budget for food.

Conducting your own photoshoot does not only take up your time, it also hinders you from saving money. That’s why a cheap stock footage becomes an attractive option. While it may be more expensive than the free footages in Google, it is not as expensive as paying your crew and travel expenses. Furthermore, it includes the necessary licenses and model/property releases you need so you do not have to worry about copyright violations.

There are pros and cons in using a cheap stock footage and shooting your own. At the end of the road, using it or not is the decision you have to make. You just need to watch out for the quality of your own footage compared to stock footage. Most stock media sites have high standards, so you can get footage with pristine and high quality. If your footage is not as good as theirs, it is better to purchase from them and create a better project.

Many might say that buying a cheap stock footage is taking an easy way out. Perhaps, it is. But, it is also a smart move if you are looking to save time and money. Many creative professionals are using stock footage to supplement their creativity and add a special feel that can only be achieved with stock media.